Chapter 149
Pocket Watch Data Base Research

         This webpage is designed to enable the user to rapidly access movement characteristics of 4 different American Pocket watch Manufacturers that are no longer in business, by serial number query entry.

         The Manufacturers' Databases are:

                   South Bend

         Some Special Projects by Chapter 149 Members:

                   Elgin Private Label Watches by John Fogarty
                   Elgin Parts List by Clinton Kleen
                   Rockford Private Label Full List by John Fogarty
                   Howard Serial Number List by Dave Chaplain
                   Waltham Model 83 Private Label Observations by Steve Mercer
                   Waltham Production Dates by Jon Hanson
                   Review of the Rockford Watch Company and its watches by Darrah Artzner
                   Rockford Watch Company Catalog - 1913 and its watches by Darrah Artzner
                   Hampden 16 Size - 23 Jewel listing by Henry Burgell
                   Hampden Jewel listing by Henry Burgell
                   Hampden Adjustment listing by Henry Burgell
                   Hampden Tu-Tone listing by Henry Burgell
                   Illinois Washington Watch Company (Private Labels) by Fred Hansen Jr.:
                              Potomac by Fred Hansen Jr.
                              Army & Navy by Fred Hansen Jr.
                              Lafayette by Fred Hansen Jr.
                              Liberty Bell by Fred Hansen Jr.
                              Greenwich by Fred Hansen Jr.

To my knowledge this is the first FREE interactive lookup table for the Rockford

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